Holy Week & Lent

Holy Week

Collop Munda, Pancake Tuesda, Frutas We’nsda, Bloody Tho’sda, Lang Frida ‘ll nivver be deean whahl Settherda eftherneean.

Sundays of Lent

Tid, Mid, Miseray, Carlin, Palm, Paste-egg or troll-egg Day.


2 thoughts on “Holy Week & Lent

  1. We used to call it Pace-egg day, and I’ve seen it spelt Pache-egg day. But that’s south Cumbria/north Lancashire. It was a big thing. Eggs hard-boiled in onion skins to give them a marbled effect, and then rolled against each other like in a game of conkers, the loser being the one that cracked first. Ah, the simple pleasures . . .

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