The Black Path Exhibition


The Black Path is an ancient route. It has been many things: the northern boundary of an Anglian Kingdom, a medieval sailor’s trod, and a convenient path to work for the steelworkers of Middlesbrough.

The Black Path Project commenced in early 2015 as collaboration between Chris Whitehead and Gavin Parry, they soon realised that a number of other artists in the area had also created work based around the path. They then set about contacting artists and asking them if they would be willing to join the project with a goal of producing an exhibition.  Once assembled, the group approached the House of Blah Blah, who were very enthusiastic about the project and agreed to work with the group.

The goal of the project was to present a contemporary response to the Black Path, at the time no one could have predicted what events unfold over the following months in terms of the collapse of the steel industry. This project now has an added poignancy; it has accidentally captured the end of an era.  

The exhibition and show features, field recordings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and music, all created as a response to the Black Path. The exhibition commences with a performance by two groups of musicians, Ammonites and Warped Freqs. both of who have written music especially for this occasion.

The Artists

Carl Mole is a photographer from the North East of England. He makes photographs of the things that interest him, focusing on the local environment and the people who inhabit it.

Bob Mitchell “Through the use of photography, film and painting, Bob Mitchell dissects the borders and of urban, natural, industrial and post-industrial landscape.”

Chris Stewart Poet, pick up artist and life coach.

Warped Freqs Beauty of sound & chaos in not so equal measure

Kirsty O’Brien My practice explores abstract painting techniques that follow the processes that happen within Teesside’s steel industry. The gloss and acrylic react; pushing, stabilizing and re-solidifying, which corresponds with the processes that happen within the coke ovens at South Bank.

Gavin Parry Oafishly wanders about with a camera.

Eugene Schlumberger works in the space where the shadow of popular culture falls on concrete surfaces.

Chris Corner Artist and Musician

Chris Whitehead Sound coaxer and metallobotanist

David Watson Born in South bank and having painted industrial Middlesbrough for over 50 years, David includes a painting that brutally blends his memories of the path against the decline of industry on Teesside today

Aphra O’Connor “Aphra O’Connor’s work for ‘Black Path’ displays a creation of Print and Sculpture pieces taken from fragmented imagery of industrial Northern buildings.”

Ammonites. Pyjamas for extinct sea creatures. North Yorkshire motorik and surface noise

The Black Path Exhibition & Show 28th Jan House of Blah Blah Middlesbrough

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