Animal Lore


Bees should never be bought, they should be either given or stolen

Snakes will not come near to a raw onion

Horses will not go past a snake as they can smell them

If you kill a beetle or a cockroach it will rain

When a crow sits on a wall it will rain

If a cat sits with its back to the fire it will rain

When crows and swallows fly high the weather will be fine

A yellow frog is a sign of good weather

Some folk believe that pigs can see the wind

Toads can spit fire and will fly at you if cornered

It is good to see a hawk at a wedding as hawks do not eat the hearts of other birds

It is lucky to have a swallows nest on your house

It is lucky to take a horse through a house

It is lucky to hear corn-crakes at night

It is unlucky to kill a spider – He that would wish to thrive, Must let spiders run alive

It is unlucky for a cock to crow at night, the cock must be killed

When a cock reaches the age of seven he will lay an egg

A whistling wife and a crowing hen are neither good for god nor men

If a black pigeon lands on your house there will be a death in the family

A bird pecking at your window is a sign of death

A robin in the house is a sign of death

If a nurse finds a louse in her hair, her patient will die

To cure a wart pierce a black snail on a thorn

Rubbing your spine with grey snails will strengthen it

A dried cat’s skin held against the cheek will cure toothache

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