A North Yorkshire Glossary – Fauna

Inspired by Robert Macfarlane’s wonderful book, Landmarks, here is part three of a North Yorkshire glossary. Most of these words were collected by Richard Blakeborough, Rev. Atkinson & M. Morris in the mid-late nineteenth century.

Gare Geese

Arran web – a cobweb. Ask, Esk – Newt. Attercop – The spider. Back-bearaway – The Common Bat. Beeas, Beeos, Beeast – An ox. Bessy-ducker – The water-ousel. Bike – The nest of the wild bee. Billy-biter – The blue tit. Black-clocks – Black beetles. Borril – The gadfly. Bramlings – red worms used for fishing bait. Buer – The gnat. Bull spink – The chaffinch. Bull stang, Bull teng – Dragon-fly. Butt – The Halibut. Buzzard – A large moth. Chaudy-bag – Stomach of an animal. Cheeper – A young partridge or grouse. Cleg – Horse-fly. Clow or Coo clags – Dried dung on the back of an animal, in sheep they are called ‘doddings’. Clubster – A stoat. Cooscot – The ringdove. Crake, Creeak, Cruke – Carrion crow or Rook. Crowping – The croaking of frogs or toads. Cuddy – A donkey or a hedge sparrow. Cuvvins – Periwinkles. Dakky – A pig. Dappers – Birds ready to leave the nest. Daupee – The grey headed crow. Devil screamer – The common swift. Dicky ass – A donkey. Dodded – Hornless. Doddings – The matted wool on the hind quarters of a sheep. Doody cow, Dundy cow, Dowdy cow – Ladybird. Dowp – The carrion crow. Draker-hen – Corn Crake. Fleeing ask – The dragon fly. Flesh fly – The common bluebottle. Flither – The common limpet. Flittermouse – The common bat. Fluke – A maggot. Forking robin – The earwig. Foulmart, Fumart – The polecat. Frog-fry – Frog spawn. Fussack – A donkey. Gangeril – A toad. Gawk – A cuckoo. Glead – The kite. Goldie – The yellow hammer. Golly – A newly hatched bird. Hagworm – The adder. Hairy Worm – Any hairy caterpillar. Hay chat – The whitethroat. Hoomer – The grayling. Horse Hogs – A common plum. Hoss teng – The common dragon fly. Jinny spinner – The crane fly. Jinny-ullot, Jenny Howlet – Tawney owl. June bug – Ladybird. Kead, Ked – Sheep tick. Kelk – Single fish egg. Lairock – The lark. Lenny – The linnet. Lobsterlouse – The wood louse. Mawk– A maggot. Meadow drake – Corn crake. Mennem, mennad – The minnow. Mole rat, Mowdywarp – The mole. Moor titling, Moor taalin – The meadow pipit. Nanpie – The magpie. Needer – The adder. Nullet, nullot, Ullot – The owl. Nias – A young hawk. Ninnycocks – Young lobsters. Owee – The ox. Piet – The magpie. Pinnies – Fish just hatched. Pissimire – The common ant. Porriwiggle – The tadpole. Pricky-back otch’n –The hedgehog. Raun – Fish spawn. Ressil – The weasel. Sheep cade – Sheep Tick. Ship-starnel, shipster – The starling. Sneck-dog – A lurcher or greyhound. Spink – The chaffinch. Spraints – Otter dung. Stang-fish – The weever fish. Streamers – minnows during spawning. Steg – A male goose. Teufit, teeafit, tewit – The Lapwing. Three-thrums – The purring of a cat. Throstle – The thrush.

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