Allan Tofts Prehistoric Rock Art

Allan Tofts i
Allan Tofts iiiAllan Tofts ii
Allan Tofts

The Sculptured Rocks

In this design you petrified the language of your soul –

Your own symbolic logic;

Linked a little world with universe,

Arrested time and space.

You saw the cycle of your birth and death with clarity

As sun and moon spun round,

As buds burst into leaves and fell upon the nourished ground.

A rhythmic pulse beat out like water flow,

Rippled from your centre to the stars.

The living rocks bear traces of belief.

Knowing all you used to know.

The curlew cry spills out

A plaintive, bubbling message to the moors

Above the desecrated graves and broken stones

As it has always done.

Its curved beak swings down from the sun

To execute parabolas in heather-scented air,

Or sink in silence to an unresponsive earth.

Stan Beckensall

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