6 thoughts on “The Black Path

  1. Great stuff!.. Last year I managed to walk the full stretch of the Black Path from The Riverside Stadium right up to Coatham beach. I had to stray onto British Steel private property for the very final stretch as the path seems to come to a dead end??.. but I was determined not to turn back! They don’t call it the Black Path for nothing.. I was filthy when I arrived at Redcar! My whole walked route was from Acklam to the town centre, down to Riverside Stadium, and along the Black Path to Coatham sands, finishing off with a well earned Lemon Top on Redcar seafront!.

  2. That’s a fair old stroll Sean. Last time I was on the path the section between the railway and the trunk Road was closed. Considering this is a public footpath and part of the Teesdale way it’s far from a satisfactory situation. I shall be heading down there in the next few weeks to see if the full path is open again.

  3. That section is still closed – see http://www.redcar-cleveland.gov.uk/rcbcweb.nsf/Web+Full+List/00CC5BD7CCAD725580256BD5002A6772
    I note the alternative route map is dated 20 December 2013, but that it states “Update: (04/02/2015) – The Council is working with several partners in an effort to replace the bridge and re-open this part of the Teesdale Way as soon as possible.”
    As part of work on Natural England’s coastal access scheme (proposals expected “early February 2015”), Tata Steel had suggested Teesdale Way ought to be diverted, but had later indicated they were obtaining estimates for replacement of their unsafe bridge (as of May 2014).
    It’s also worth noting that – despite what is stated on OS maps – the council’s PROW map shows the split to Redcar ending at Lord McGowan Bridge, i.e. not crossing Coatham Marsh. Perhaps that will be rectified with the England Coast Path?

  4. For those interested in the path, the replacement of the condemned bridge has started this week, which hopefully will be completed by Christmas.

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