2 thoughts on ““When the wind gans opposite the sun, trust it not, for back it will come”.

  1. I thought you’d like to hear that your cloud photos were drawing admiring glances from people in the office!
    And for another out-of-the-blue comment, I unexpectedly found myself on Bill Drummond’s website today, and I thought his responses to qs61-64 about maps were very interesting, and they rang a bell with me, and I thought they might be interesting to you also. http://www.penkilnburn.com/catalogue/#31

    • Thanks Rhiannon. Living by the coast on the edge of the North York Moors we get the air rising over the moorland plateau and then combining with the coastal weather systems resulting in some beautiful, sometimes bizarre, cloud formations. A lot of my cloud photographs are literally taken from my back door step whist I’m out having a quick smoke.
      Bill Drummond is rather wonderful, his sentiments regarding maps and childhood definitely rang a bell with me, I particularly liked his comment ‘Life was never dull with a map. That sense of wonder, of being able to look down on earth from the vantage point of God has never left me. He’s spot on with his comment regarding the quality of British maps. I would add the maps and charts of the British Geological Survey and the UK Hydrographic Office/Admiralty to Bill’s list of things we should be proud of.
      Incidentally his book, How to be an Artist, is rather good and was one of the many reasons I started this blog, I guess you already know a couple of the other reasons.
      Have you seen the rather superb collection of British Six-Inch maps on the National Museum of Scotland website? If not http://maps.nls.uk/os/6inch-england-and-wales/index.html

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