Skelton Horses

In June 2004 I was in Cumbria photographing the beautiful megalithic remains on Moor Divock using my trusty Canon AE-1. Whilst changing lenses I managed to allow a single raindrop to fall onto the camera’s mirror. In trying to clean the mirror I managed to scratch it and that was that, a week or so later I went out and bought a digital camera and have shot digital ever since.

Recently my daughter was looking through some old photos and suggested that I should have another go at film. I thought about this for a while, did I really want the hassle of film? would I miss the instant gratification of digital?, I decided to give it a go. A couple of weeks ago I bought an old AE-1 from e-bay for £20 and a couple of rolls of Ilford black and white film. The camera arrived without a battery and I had to wait  for a week or so. The battery arrived on Tuesday and despite the whole area being fogbound I decided to take the camera out to see if 1. the camera worked 2. I could remember how to use it.

I think it’s going to take a while to re-educate myself to use film and I’m definitely not abandoning digital but using a film camera takes you back to basics, paying attention to light, being careful with framing  and generally putting a little more thought into a picture. It’s going to take a while but I’m sure it will be worth it. Here’s a few shots from my first roll in ten years.

Skelton Horse film Skelton Horse filmi Skelton Horse filmii Skelton Horse filmiii

2 thoughts on “Skelton Horses

  1. Those are great, very atmospheric – the mist worked in your favour! I seem to remember you’ve taken pictures of horses before. I’m no photographer but a limited number of shots surely focuses the mind, maybe one is more inclined to take time and get a feel for the place before leaping in? But then your work always seems to have a considered air though and a sense of place? Maybe proper film suits!

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