Dobhoome (Dabholme)

The porte at Dobhoome upon the mouth of Tease hath bin thought to be very dangerous and excepte greate neccessytie urged, or the sea were very calm, none durst adventure yt. Nowe yt hath bin sounded and twoe lighthouses builte, one on eyther syde of the river, wherby Newcastell  shipps and others fearing foule weather, ordinarily put in with 100 or more sayle of shippes with safetye. Out of doubt, the goodness of this porte hath bin knowne heretofore, for the coasters have a tradycion that the Danes used to lande there, shewinge greate heapes of huge bones in the sand, in length little exceeding ours but in strength and bignes gyant-lyke: whither they have got a cruste or noe, or that there were some charnel house there I knowe not, which I suspecte by reason that a chappell, one of three built by three systers alonge that coast is neere at hande. Moreover they have an oulde blynde prophecye that a fleete of enimyes shall lande there and come to Gisbrough, where on the syde of a hill, called Stonegate syde, a greate battle shalbe fought, insomuch that the brooke underneath shall runne with bloode. If this come to passe they would have as ill footinge as the combatants had in Lippadusa, of whom Ariosto writes, who was taxed by a bishop that he had appointed a listes of horsemen, where by reason of the sharpnes of rockes, footemen could scarcely stand: such is Stonegate syde. But I gather out of this prophecye, that what yt was hatched the porte was knowne to be capable of a navye, otherwise yt had been follye to foretell the cominge in of a fleete, where no shippe could come without manifeste perill.


A Description of Cleveland; In a letter addressed by H. TR. To Sir Thomas Chaloner.

Date unknown but thought to be around 1600

dabholm beck

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