2 thoughts on “Gone are the petrochemical plants, gone are the steel mills, the mothballed power station in the foreground is going soon…This is England.

  1. You’re right of course Chris, the mills haven’t all gone, a few remain, there are also still petrochemical plants on Wilton too. The Nab is a great place to study the gaps in the landscape and remember the plants and mills that once filled them and gave employment to thousands of Teessiders.

    ‘Cargo Fleet works, Middlesbrough’s Britannia and Ayrton rolling mills, and the grubbing out of the bulk of other local plants – iron making, coke ovens, electric arc furnaces and mills at the Cleveland works, Hartlepool’s North Plant and iron making at the newer South Works. Other plants only survived in parts – with the axing of a number of rolling mills at Lackenby and Hartlepool.’

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