You’d be a fool not to buy or download this excellent slice of Teesside post-punk that has taken 33 years to see the light of day.

The first release in Linear Obsessional’s “RetroLinear” series is an EP by the post punk band Tick Tick. Recorded at Guardian Studios in County Durham in June 1980, “My Swelling Heart” was intended to be released as a follow up to the band’s 12″ EP “The Immortalisation of Tick Tick” by the expanded, more dynamic version of the band, but never got out of the can. Remastered from the original recordings “My Swelling Heart” reveals a band confidently pushing into new areas – including elements of funk, dub and world music, with startling philosophical lyrics and all underpinned by a beautifully recorded new rhythm section. Tick Tick was – Geoff Spence – vocals, Gary Widdowfield – Guitar/Clarinet, Richard Sanderson – Guitar, Ste Weatherall – Bass and Paul Fowler – Drums. The sessions were produced by Pete Farrell and Tick Tick.
“My Swelling Heart” is released as a limited 5 track 3″ EP with inserts and photos, and as a “pay what you want” download with 15 page PDF booklet of detailed notes and photographs.
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The Huntcliff Figure


The figure was reputedly found at the foot of Huntcliff in 1886 and was placed on a pedestal outside of the nearby Ship Inn. In 1980 it was moved to the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough where it can be seen on display.

Headley Swain comments that the Saltburn figure probably qualifies as Celtic through default, although it could possibly be of Romanesque origin

The illustration above is taken from ‘Talking heads: three ‘Celtic’ heads from East Cleveland by Headley Swain in Moorland Monuments. CBA Research Report 101. 1995