Near Hunt-cliff, Hunt-cliff. on the shore, when the tide is out, the rocks shoot up pretty high; and to these the Sea-calves (which we by contraction call Seales, as some think for Sea-veals or Sea-calves) Sea-calves.come out in great droves, and there sleep and sun themselves. Upon one of the rocks neerest the shore, some one of them standscentry as it were; and when any body comes near, he either pushes down a stone, or with great noise throws himself into the water, to alarm the rest, that they may provide for themselves, and get into the Sea. Their greatest fear is of Men; and if they are pursued by them, and cannot reach the Sea in time, they often keep them off, by casting-up sand and gravel with their hinder feet. They are not in such awe of Women; so that the Men who would take them, disguise themselves in Womens habit. 

Britannia or a Chorographical Description of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND, Together with the Adjacent Islands. William Camden 1722

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