As proof of the blessed ignorance which still prevails among these sequestered mountaineers, notwithstanding the “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” – we lay before our readers a casual conversation which we held with three of the villagers :-

First a young lad of 13 or 14 years of age. Author: “Well, my lad, who is the parson of this place?” Lad (sulkily): “He isn’t a parson; he’s a priest.” “What’s his name?” “Ah dean’t knaw” “Where does he come from?” “Ah doesn’t know” Author (ironically): “Is he a man or a woman?” “Ah thinks he’s a woman” “And what makes you think he’s a woman?” “Cause he’s got a grit black gown on” “Thank you my man!”….

The History & Antiquities of Cleveland

John Walker Ord



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