Skelton Park Ironstone Mine

At it’s peak ironstone mining in the Cleveland area had an output exceeding 6 1/2 million tons, some ten thousand men and boys were employed at over eighty mines.
The Park mine is on land leased by the Bell Brothers from Mr Wharton from 1st Jan 1868 for 6d per 22 1/2 cwts. The Bell Brothers operated the mine from 1872-1923, Dorman Long & Co operated the mine from 1923-1938 when the mine closed.
The mine has 2 shafts which are 385 feet deep. The stone was hard to work until the introduction of compressed air drills in 1878. In 1881 300 miners were working 1500 tons of stone per day.
ImageImagePark Mine

2 thoughts on “Skelton Park Ironstone Mine

  1. were these old shaft cottages, my great grand parents lived here along with many other family 1891 census, one member being overman grt grandfather deputy, he died at old shaft cotts 1894, all worked in iron stone.

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