The Last Men Only Pub in Middlesbrough. Tyne Tees Television Dec. 1965

The Last Men Only Pub in Middlesbrough

Jack Clarke investigates the last men only pub in Middlesbrough, The Wellington on Albert Road.

Tyne Tees Television news report by Jack Clarke. Men are drinking at the bar. This is the last men only bar in Middlesbrough, and is going to be knocked down and replaced by a modern pub.

Jack Clarke (commentary): “In other pubs in the town you could have your fancy short drinks, your female company, jukeboxes, the Mods in their kinky boots, but here in the Wellington you could find men with turn-ups to their trousers, men who like a short back and sides, a good swear in masculine company and beer with no froth on it”.

Jack Clarke (commentary): “What then will happen to these fine men whose wives have always been able to remain at home, happy with the kids, the ironing and the polishing of the boss’s boots for the next day, when they have been out drinking”.



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