“Sockburn has its legend, one of those interesting dragon stories which enrich our northern folk lore. It is thus told in the Bowes MSS p.57: ” Sir John Conyers, Knt., slew yt monstorous and poisonous vermine or wyverne, and aske or werme, overthrew and devoured many people in fight, for yt ye sent of yt poison was so strong yt no person might abyde it. But before he made this enterprise, having but one sonne, he went to the church of Sockburn in complete armour, and offered up yt his onely sonne to ye Holy Ghost. Yt place where this serpent laye was called Graystane: and this John lieth buried in Sockburn church in complete armour, before the conquest.”
The Grey Stone beneath which the monster was buried, is still pointed out in a field near the ruins of the church.”

Bulmers Directory of North Yorkshire 1890

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