South Gare by Chris Whitehead

“South Gare is at the southern side of the entrance to the River Tees and is a man made area of reclaimed land constructed largely out of blast furnace slag and concrete. The skyline is dominated by industry, notably the huge Redcar Steelworks, yet the Gare is popular with birdwatchers and walkers. It is an interface where two worlds meet and overlap. There are many layers of resonance. A fascinating place from which to glean sonic raw material.”


released 03 April 2012
All sounds recorded March 2012 at South Gare by Chris Whitehead.Cover photograph and booklet photos and text by Chris Whitehead.
Executive production by Richard Sanderson.

6 thoughts on “South Gare by Chris Whitehead

  1. I should point out that the artist is Chris Whitehead, not Woodhead though!
    He’s a sound artist from Whitby – I was delighted to get him, and this album, as although I’ve lived in London for 27 years, I am from Middlesbrough…

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