St Oswald’s Well (Chapel Well) – Great Ayton

Within the parish, at the northern extremity of Cliffrigg-Wood, and about two hundred paces to the eastward from Langbargh-Quarry, there is a copius spring of clear water, called Chapel-Well, which had formerly a bath &c. and was, till of late years, much resorted on the Sundays in the summer months by the youth of the neighbouring villages, who assembled to drink the simple beverage, and to join in a variety of rural diversions. But the harmlessness of this innocent recreation was at legnth destroyed by Spiritous liquors, furnished by the village-innkeepers: when the custom became discountenanced, and was soon after discontinued.

The History of Cleveland

Rev. John Graves


4 thoughts on “St Oswald’s Well (Chapel Well) – Great Ayton

  1. I read this a few years ago and went out to find the location. You can still find it as a wet patch in some woods, i’ve always though it should be something the local history group should have a dig at and see if anything remains in the bog.

    1. Graves mentions the clearing of some foundations and a bath house. He also speculates on whether there may have been a monk’s cell on the site. Graeme Chappell has a picture of the ‘wet patch’ on his holy wells web site.

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