M’bro horses


M'bro Horses 1

Cob horses are very much part of the Teesside industrial and urban landscape.

The Traditional Gypsy Cob Breed Standard

The Traditional Gypsy Cob should be a strong, sturdy and powerful cob coupled with an abundance of luxuriant flowing mane, forelock, tail, and leg hair which is known as feather.

Traditional Gypsy Cobs should always have plenty of heart room, and should have a deep girth to match.   They should display ample bone and be well muscled within a broad compact body with powerful hindquarters.

They should have a kind, willing, intelligent and gentle disposition.  They are renowned for their patient, kind and sensible nature.  Traditional Gypsy Cobs make a versatile all round animal, most suitable for driving, riding and are ideal family horses.


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